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Silver Sneakers Fitness Program Miami-Dade County

Empowering senior well-being through our specialized Silver Sneakers Program, CORAL WEST ADULT DAY HEALTHCARE fosters strength, balance, and vitality in Miami-Dade County.

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Our Silver Sneakers Fitness Option

Who says growing older means slowing down? At CORAL WEST ADULT DAY HEALTHCARE, ​​​​​we flip the script! 

Want to know the secret to a vibrant senior life? It’s in staying active! That’s why we invite seniors, aged 55 and above, to embrace our tailored Silver Sneakers Program, a fun, energizing program that helps older adults take greater control of their health with appropriate physical activity. 

Health insurance plans around the country offer the Silver Sneakers program to those eligible for Medicare or  retirees groups, allowing them to  bid farewell to bone density concerns and balance challenges. Ready to elevate your elders’ well-being and help them thrive? Get in touch with us today for details.

A fun, energizing program
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What Classes We Offer

At CORAL WEST ADULT DAY HEALTHCARE, center in Miami-Dade County, we offer a range of fitness classes that are specifically designed for seniors through our Silver Sneakers program. 

Our Silver Sneakers Classic class focuses on building strength, balance, and flexibility using the SRRI exertubes. This class is ideal for those looking to improve their posture and prevent osteoporosis, arthritis, and the loss of muscle mass. 

Our Silver Sneakers Circuit class involves a little more aerobic activity and aims to build strength, balance, and flexibility at a slightly more intense pace. This program is also designed to help avoid osteoporosis, arthritis and muscle mass loss. 

Call us today to enrol! Our other services include veterans long term care, memory care, managed long-term and long-term care services.

Building strength, balance, and flexibility
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